AstroSat Calibration Meeting (23-24 August 2022)

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  • 23 August 2022
  • Talks
    09.30 AM to 11.00 AM AstroSat: UVIT Calibration Status S.N. Tandon: Overview of the calibration Joe Postma: Flat Field Calibration and Centroid Bias correction K. Sankarasubramanian: Transmission and QE of detectors Annapurni Subramaniam: Photometric calibration, correction for the distortions, and calibration of the PSF Swarna K. Ghosh: Relative orientation of the detector-axes
    11.30 AM to 01.00 PM AstroSat: LAXPC Calibration Status Tilak Katoch: LAXPC Calibration I H.M. Antia: LAXPC Calibration II Ranjeev Misra: LAXPC Calibration: A Users’ Perspective and outlook
    02.00 PM to 03.00 PM AstroSat: SSM Calibration Status MC Ramadevi Ravishankar BT Abhilash Sarwade
    03.30 PM to 05.00 PM AstroSat: SXT Calibration Status Sudip Bhattacharyya Sunil Chandra Gordon Stewart
  • 24 August 2022
  • Talks
    09.30 AM to 09.40 AM Remarks by Somak Raychaudhury, Director, IUCAA
    09.40 AM to 11.05 AM AstroSat: CZTI Calibration Status Dipankar Bhattacharya: Introduction, timing and imaging calibration NPS Mithun: Spectral Calibration Tanmoy Chattopadhyay: Compton spectroscopy and Polarisation calibration
    11.30 AM to 01.00 PM Background modelling HM Antia: LAXPC Sunil Chandra: SXT SN Tandon: UVIT NPS Mithun: CZTI Abhilash Sarwade: SSM
    02.00 PM to 03.30 PM Cross calibration and future plans Gulab Dewangan Shyam Tandon Sandeep Kumar Rout
    04.00 PM to 05.00 PM General Discussion (For invitees only)