There are two software packages to analyse LAXPC data.

LaxpcSoft: is developed at TIFR/IUCAA (for more details, see respective README files). This software has been certified for scientific use by the Instrument team. However, please carefully read the documentation for proper use. LaxpcSoft can be used using two different formats. Note the essential features of these software are the same and either may be used as per science needs

Format (A): Software having individual routines to extract spectra, light curves, power spectra, energy and frequency dependent time-lag, Dynamic power spectra, flux resolved spectroscopy, faint source background estimation (August 15, 2022 version)

Format (B): Software having single routine to extract spectra, light curves and background (Release:21June2023)

LAXPClevel2DataPipeline: is another package to analysis LAXPC data. The LAXPClevel2DataPipeline is developed by Biswajit Paul (RRI, Bangalore), with support from SAC, Ahemedabad. See the readme file and for further support contact Biswajit Paul.

Records of Gain and High Voltage updates of LAXPC detectors may be accessed at: