A05 deadline extended

A05 cycle proposal submission deadline has been extended.  Proposals are now due by 23 March 2018 13:30 IST (08:00 UT)

Announcement of Opportunity: cycle A05

Proposals are invited for AstroSat Observing cycle no. A05 covering the period October 2018-September 2019.

Click here for detailed announcement

Target of opportunity data release

A preliminary release of Target of Opportunity data will now be available for a limited duration immediately after the observation via the ISSDC GADS web service pending the return of vetted products from the POC.  The vetted products, once returned, will be released via the regular AstroBrowse site.

LAXPC 3 switched off

AstroSat LAXPC Unit 3 has been switched off on 8 March 2018 due to abnormal gain changes. This unit will no longer be available for observations. LAXPC 1 and 2 continue to function normally and are available.

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