Public release of AstroSat data

The public release of AstroSat data commenced on 26 September 2018 with a bouquet of 834 datasets. Further data will be released regularly upon completion of their respective lock-in period. The data may be accessed from the AstroSat data archive hosted at the Indian Space Science Data Centre.  

LAXPC 1 HV adjustment

In the last week of March 2018 anomalous counts were observed from LAXPC 1.  In order to stabilise the system several High Voltage adjustments were carried out: The voltage was reduced from 2200 V to 2000 V on March 29th and raised to 2100 V on March 30th.  Subsequently it has been reduced to 2000 V again on April 4th, and will remain in this setting for now.  Users are advised to not use the standard response files for LAXPC 1 for data acquired from 29 March onwards. Revised responses will be made available shortly.

Target of opportunity data release

A preliminary release of Target of Opportunity data will now be available for a limited duration immediately after the observation via the ISSDC GADS web service pending the return of vetted products from the POC.  The vetted products, once returned, will be released via the regular AstroBrowse site.

LAXPC 3 switched off

AstroSat LAXPC Unit 3 has been switched off on 8 March 2018 due to abnormal gain changes. This unit will no longer be available for observations. LAXPC 1 and 2 continue to function normally and are available.


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