Q 1.  Who can download AstroSat data from Astrobrowser?
Ans: Principle investigator of the proposal can download data from Astrobrowser link (https://astrobrowse.issdc.gov.in/astro_archive/archive/Home.jsp). After the data lock in period the data becomes publicly available.

Q 2.  Where can I find readme file for software tools for processing AstroSat data?
Ans: All the softwares related to AstroSat data analysis is available in this website. There is detailed readme files available for all the tools in the detector related software pipelines.http://astrosat-ssc.iucaa.in/?q=data_and_analysis.

Q 3.  When will be the next workshop for analyzing AstroSat data?
Ans: Please visit assc webpage upcoming workshop notification for next workshop for analyzing AstroSat data (http://astrosat-ssc.iucaa.in/?q=workshops).

Q 4.  Where can I find list of all the accepted proposals from AstroSat?
Ans: All the accepted AstroSat proposals with proposal Id and Abstract are available in AstroSat Proposal Redbook is available at https://issdc.gov.in/astro.html site.

Q 5.  Where can I look for AstroSat call for proposal?
Ans: ou can visit the site https://issdc.gov.in/astro.html for latest updates/deadlines on AstroSat call for proposals.

Q 6.  What does Q, L1 and L2 means in Astrobrowser source query page ?
Ans: Q represents quality information, L1 represents Level 1 tar data sets and L2 represents Level 2 tar data sets.

Q 7.  I am unable to convert Level1 data to Level2 data products. Can I use Level2 data products available at Astrobrowser page for scientific purposes?
Ans: Yes one can use Level2 data products for scientific purposes. Instrument POC teams provides processed Level2 data from Level 1 data of the same observation.

Q 8.  How to modify header files of AstroSat data for using barycenter code?
Ans: To modify the header key words to enable barycenter correction in the data a Python script and a C code is avaiable in the link http://astrosat-ssc.iucaa.in/?q=data_and_analysis, after running the event file as per read me file. Use as1bary code available in the same assc page for barycenter correction.

Q 9.  What is the usage of as1bary code for barycenter correction of astrosat data?
Ans: Usage of the barycenter correction code is : as1bary - i orbitfile -f eventfile -ra RAdeg -dec Decdeg -ref FK5.

Q 10.  Whether there are any quick look images for the sources observed with AstroSat?
Ans: Please go to the quick look page of SXT http://www.tifr.res.in/~astrosat_sxt/HTMLOUTDIR/input.html for Preliminary SXT Data Quality Check Report and for CZTI dqr visit page http://www.iucaa.in/~astrosat/czti_dqr/ .

Q 11.  Unable to compile SXT pipeline in Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04 LTS.
Ans: To successfully install SXT pipeline in Ubuntu >14.04 LTS version please downgrade gcc and g++ to 4.8.

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