Downloading and Installation of CZTI Pipeline

Click here to download the CZTI data reduction pipeline.

OS: Linux/Unix (CentOS-5.8+, Ubuntu 14.04+, OS X 10.10+, Scientific Linux 6.5+)
Compiler: gcc (GCC) 4.4+, gfortran, Python 3.x

Note for OS X users: Do not mix apple compilers with those installed from other sources. We have tested the pipeline with the macports versions of perl, python and gcc.

Instructions for Installations

1. First change the shell to bash shell

$ bash

2. Untar the package:

$ tar -xvf czti_pipeline_yyyymmdd_Vm.n.tar

This will create a directory named "czti_pipeline"

3. Set the following environment variables in ~/.bashrc file similar to the example given

as1czt : Absolute path of czti folder under “czti_pipeline/czti”
PFILES : Absolute path of paramfiles folder
PATH : Absolute path of bin directory where all executables are placed
LD_LIBRARY_PATH : Path to shared libraries
GLOG_log_dir : Directory where log files will be saved
CZTI_templates : Directory where file templates are stored

by adding following lines to ˜/.bashrc file

$ export as1czt=<path to czti_pipeline directory>/czti_pipeline/czti
$ export PFILES="$PFILES:$as1czt/paramfiles"
$ export PATH=$as1czt/bin:$as1czt/scripts:$PATH
$ export GLOG_log_dir=$as1czt/log
$ export CZTI_templates=$as1czt/templates
$ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:$as1czt/lib
$ export PYTHONPATH="$PYTHONPATH:$as1czt/scripts"
$ export CXXFLAGS="-fpermissive"
$ ulimit -s 65532

OS X users: In addition to above lines, specify DYLD LIBRARY PATH by adding the following line to ˜/.bashrc.


Instructions for CALDB Installation

Untar czti_caldb_yyyymmdd.tar.gz in a preferred location or under existing CALDB directory if caldb installation for other missions are present. It should produce directory structure data/as1/czti/, under which there would be caldb.indx file and calibration files.

Export the CALDB path by adding the below line in ˜/.bashrc file

$ export CALDB=<path to CALDB directory>

Execute the following commands in your current terminal

$ source ~/.bashrc
$ cd $as1czt
$ cd ../
$ ./InstallLibs
$ cd $as1czt
$ make
$ cd scripts
$ chmod +x cztpipeline

$as1czt’ folder would contain ‘include/’, ‘lib/’ and ‘bin/’ directories and executables would be generated under $as1czt/bin, which completes the installation. One can use cztpipeline to excute multiple stages of pipeline modules together.

User Manual